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20 Reasons Why You'll Love TOG

Guidance in Humanities
We provide strong guidance for humanities studies that use the Great Books on all learning levels.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade Program
We even offer a gentle introduction to the humanities through our new curriculum called Tapestry Primer.
Classical Unit Study
Tapestry and Tapestry Primer provide a Classical unit study approach to teaching and learning.
Learn History as a Teaching Parent
As you work through our curriculum, we guide you in learning history yourself!
Dads are Involved with Tapestry of Grace!
We offer a supplement called Pop Quiz, that brings dad in on the fun each and every week!
Geography at Its Best
Learn about how geography affected history in a systematic, weekly approach!
How about Philosophy?
Learn about the history of philosophy in an interesting, engaging and approachable way! Where else will you find this?
Crafts, Crafts, Crafts!
Do you like hands-on crafts? Every week we offer resources and ideas for hands-on activities that align with the time period you are studying.
Do You Have an Advanced Student?
Completing our program totally as written, your student will not only complete a classical education, but will have a challenging honors-level study under his belt!
Do You Have a Slow Student?
Adapting our program is easy! One great benefit to the buffet approach is the ability to tweak but still stay on target for achieving your goals.
Group Learning
Do you wish you could participate in group activities? We have launched our new program called Tapestry University. Our sponsored Fellowship Groups offer support for the group, administration, and teaching content.
Mentoring at its Finest
Do you want a local mentor to assist you along your homeschooling journey? We have a growing network of Tapestry Advisors!
Training for Teachers!
Do you want to grow in your skills as a teacher? We offer training for teachers in their homes, as well as training for those who want to train others!
Develop Writing Skills!
We have an excellent approach to writing that enables students to make great strides in ability, especially in preparation for college and workplace studies.
Read, Think, Write
This drop-by-drop-the-bucket-is-full approach provides ground for which students gain control over their own educations, thus freeing the teaching parent to assist with other one-on-one skills.
Socratic Discussions
Want to teach your student to really think? One way to do this is through regular, weekly Socratic discussions. We provide the grist for the mill and discussion outlines that are easy to follow.
One goal of Tapestry is to thoroughly equip parents and teacher to be able to argue effectively for their faith, especially in light of the culture in which we live. Every assignment keeps this goal in mind.
Learn about Literature as a Teaching Parent
Our products assist you with identifying worldviews through literature and seeing how Christians can respond, while concurrently developing a broad toolbox of literary skills.
Gotta Test?
If your state or umbrella school requires testing, or if you simply like to have tests at your fingertips, we provide quizzes and exams in a wide variety of modalities.
Digital Products
Do you like to take your products with you on your mobile device? Lampstand Press offers the option of creating a family network of devices so you can teach in your backyard, at the park, or prepare in between games!