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Mini-Unit 1: Eden to Egypt

Mini-Unit 2: Tabernacle and Temple

  • Topic 1: Look at pictures of Egyptian artifacts here or here.
  • Topic 1: Learn the ten plagues to a catchy tune.
  • Topic 1: Passover coloring pages.
  • Topic 2: Make an oil lamp.
  • Topic 3: These are the instructions for an ancient Greek lyre, but you can make an Egyptian one just the same way!
  • Topic 3: Find information for your chart to make a Phoenician alphabet here.
  • Topic 3: Scroll down to see an example of a model of a Phoenician trading ship.

Mini-Unit 3: Daniel's Revelation

  • Topic 1: Learn about constellations here.
  • Topic 2: How to make a Plumb Line.

Mini-Unit 4: Christ and the Church

Mini-Unit 5: The Broken Road

Mini-Unit 6: Recovery and Discovery

  • Topic 1: Find ideas for a medieval-themed party here.
  • Topic 1: Fun activities to learn more about Marco Polo.
  • Topic 2: Make a homemade Compass.
  • Topic 3: Activity pages for William Shakespeare.
  • Topic 3: Find an adorable adaptation of Romeo and Juliet here.

Mini-Unit 7: A New World

Mini-Unit 8: One Nation

Mini-Unit 9: Growing Pains

Mini-Unit 10: A House Divided

Mini-Unit 11: Engines of Empires

Mini-Unit 12: A Smaller World

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